Advocate After School is a holistic and comprehensive youth development program that incorporates academics and a concentration in the arts or athletics.

All our programs are free to the Philadelphia youth. 

High School - Middle School

Students elect an Athletics or Arts concentration.




Mighty Writers runs a full Academy and Teen Scholars program Monday - Thursday for one hour. Students in each program improve their literacy skills and learn to write and think clearly. Students acquire the tools they’ll need for
college-level thinking and writing. Students will
also be eligible for mentorships, workshops and
college visits.



Athletics electives at the elementary, middle and high school level run Monday - Thursday at least two hours per week. This is a rigorous Sports-Based Youth Development (SBYD) program with a focus on basketball and physical fitness. Students will become better student athletes, and will have regular games. 



Art electives run Monday - Thursday for one hour.

  • ArtWell's We the Poets program runs twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. The programs builds literacy skills, communication, self expression, and fosters a love of learning through poetry.
    The We The Poets curriculum, is aligned with
    state and core standards for grades 1 - 12 and
    has been used in Pennsylvania districts for
    standardized test (PSSAs) preparation tied to
    literacy comprehension..
  • The Arts4All program runs twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-6pm. The program uses drama, art, song, and movement to improve literacy. Students will learn the basics of acting, and will
    have an end of the year performance to
    showcase their work.
Students must attend the program all four days every week and keep up with all assignments in order to remain in good standing with the program.