I Can Do It ... But WE Can Do It Better!!!


This poem was collectively written by 11th and 12th grade students who participated in our 2017 Summer College Boot Camp, a two-week, intensive college prep program that incorporates everything students need to know to begin preparing for college and beyond. Over the course of two weeks, students worked on a series of projects spearheaded by teaching artists from ArtWell and discussed the importance of embracing our individuality, working to create change in our communities, and maintaining our self-identity while preparing for and attending college. This poem is just a small, but powerful glimpse into the magic they created over their two weeks together.  Enjoy!

I can share my own opinion,
We can respect each other’s viewpoints even if we don’t agree.
I can learn,
We can learn at our own pace.
I can create change,
We can make an impact.
I can give back to my community,
We can give back to the community.
I can have my own views,
We can stand up for what we want.
I can help make a way for the less fortunate,
We can donate.
I can feel comfortable in my own skin,
We can accept people for who they are.
I can help those who in need,
We can give others things that we no longer need.
I can be a safe place for anyone who needs me,
We can be kind and provide comfort to those around us.
I can give the community more than what it gave me,
We can make an impact.
I can do it,
We can do it better!!!