Around the World

Global Citizenship Camp (for Ages 7 to 10)

July 30th to August 3rd

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

In this one-week, half-day camp, participants will explore the vast and diverse world in which we live. Activities for the week include:

  • Exploring the topics of global citizenship, empathy, compassion, social justice and world peace
  • Reading books and watching videos about children in other regions of the world, including their experiences and cultural traditions
  • Writing our own stories and sharing our own cultures
  • Creating artwork and learning dances from the featured regions  
  • Learning new recipes and tasting popular snacks from these regions

With questions regarding the Around the World Global Citizenship Camp or application process, please email or call 215-982-2157.

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Additional Application Requirements

In addition to this application, all students must submit a copy of their most recent report card. Copies of report cards can be sent to or dropped off in person at The Advocate Center, 2123 N. Gratz Street.